Nicolas Milliard

Front-End Developer

I'm an 8+ years experienced Front-End Developer.

I usually work with React JS and React Native in TypeScript.


Front-End Developer

Aug. 2023 - Today

  • Develop and maintain applications with React JS

  • Implement rich user experiences by creating new features utilizing HTML, CSS, and TypeScript

  • Integrate and test new features based on user feedback

  • Develop and maintain new products, technical documentation, and workflows

Case Studies


React Native - Expo - Recoil - TypeScript

Taaask is an application designed for freelancers to manage their projects and achieve their financial goals. Freelancers can set their desired revenue targets, and the application calculates the project billing amount based on the time spent developing each project.

Smart Vote

Next JS - Hardhat - JavaScript

SmartVote allows users to organize their owns voting instance, whitelist users, add proposals, and tally votes. Working on Polygon and Avalanche.


Next JS - Hardhat - JavaScript

Kopo simplifies the process of applying for Energy Savings Certificates (ESC) and ensures their traceability in full transparency thanks to the Polygon Blockchain.